The anxiety workbook

This workbook contains up to date psychological theory alongside practical activities for teachers and other adults supporting young people, whether at home or in the classroom.

Drawing on years of experience and research, Clare Ward and James Galpin share their transdiagnostic framework for working out what might lie behind a young person’s behaviour.

We begin by asking not ‘What’s the diagnosis?’ but ‘Where’s the uncertainty?’ and continue by addressing three key areas: structure, sensory & social.

The tried and tested ideas in our workbook offer an alternative to the traditional diagnosis-led approach and can be used with teenagers (or most pre-teens) in classroom settings, intervention groups or one to one work.

We hope this book will help you understand and address the needs of the students you live or work with, improving their wellbeing, confidence and self esteem, empowering you and them to get the most out of their education.

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‘Building Certainty: Using the 3S framework to understand behaviour and design support for learners’

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What our readers say:

‘A practical guide that makes the complex feel simple.’

Pooky Knightsmith, Mental health champion

‘This beautifully illustrated book will enrich the lives of teachers, specialists, parents, teenagers and the general reader alike.’

Melissa Benn, Education writer and campaigner

‘I love how the book cultivates self-awareness by encouraging curiosity about the causes of behaviour and also how the exercises and discussions communicate acceptance of all that young people bring. Ultimately readers of this book will have new skills in preventing difficulties and managing problems as they arise all while strengthening adult-child relationships. It is a resource we can all learn from. –

Dr Bettina Hohnen, Clinical Psychologist and author of The Incredible Teenage Brain

‘I love it. Clare Ward and James Galpin begin from the understanding that uncertainty connects us all. This is a book that takes people’s differences seriously, encourages us all to take the time to know and respond to each person that we are called upon to work with and gives us direct guidance as to how we can do so.

Professor Liz Pellicano, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia