We can offer regular meetings with managers, teams or individuals to help identify gaps in provision, or new strategies for supporting struggling learners..

Getting the right support for your child can be confusing, so we offer a free 30 minute telephone conversation to each family, to explore the type of help you might need.

You might take up support from a single profession (e.g. occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, specialist education, educational psychology or CBT) or a combination of any of these. We work closely to offer true multi-disciplinary help for you and your child, meeting regularly to share ideas.

In line with recent changes to the teaching profession we are now offering clinical supervision to individual teachers and senior leaders to help them provide evidenced-based support to students who may learn differently.

We also offer child or class-focused observation and feedback sessions to help you manage behaviours that might indicate learning or emotional difficulties.

Supervision is a core requirement of many professionals. It ensures

  • continuing development of skills, knowledge, insight and confidence in the role
  • that work practice meets a professional standard
  • availability of emotional support and encouragement that is separate from line management

Supervision is a safe place to grow where support and challenge exists in parallel.

As well as offering supervision to our fellow professionals, we acknowledge the unique pressures and challenges for teachers who normally do not have access to this kind of support. We offer regular half termly supervision sessions to support senior management and teaching staff. A contract can be established with a school or with individuals. Supervision can take place individually or in small groups.

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