Our holistic assessments aim to bring greater understanding of children and young people in context, and from a strengths based perspective. Where appropriate we will suggest input from more than one discipline, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, CBT or Specialist Teaching. For a full picture of the whole child it may be necessary to gather information from both home and education settings.

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Attention difficulties
Anxiety such as social, phobias, OCD, panic and general anxieties
Autism and neurological disorders
Behavioural Difficulties
Coordination difficulties
Developmental coordination difficulties (Dyspraxia)
Emotional based school avoidance
Independent and self-help skills
Language Disorders and Delays
Low mood/depression
Parenting Concerns
Sensory Uncertainty
Speech Impairments
Independent and self-help skills

Autism Diagnostic Clinic Treatment Plan.

Initial Assessment
This consists of a developmental history taken by a Clinical Psychologist. For school aged children an observation with peers is usually required. This can be carried out by our Speech and Language Therapist or Clinical Psychologist. Following the initial assessment, they will provide recommendations and advice which may include assessment for autism (ADOS-2). If necessary, referrals to a child and adolescent psychiatrist, paediatrician, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, audiology or educational psychology may also be recommended.

£240 (additional £160 school observation)

Multi-Disciplinary Team Autism Assessment
The ADOS-2 is administered by our speech and language therapist and clinical psychologist. This assessment includes a full social communication history, the ADOS-2 assessment, feedback to parents providing recommendations and strategies. The ADOS-2 is a standardised assessment of communication, social interaction and imaginative use of materials conducted with the person under assessment. The ADOS-2 is an internationally recognised tool to assist a clinical assessment and contributes both observations and quantifiable results. A detailed report will follow, explaining the assessment findings.
It takes about 7 hours and involves 2 clinicians with the relevant expertise, to ensure it meets the needs of the young person.


Post assessment
If diagnosis is indicated, we will initially support parents/carers through psychoeducation on Autism support with adjustments if required. Specific therapeutic intervention would depend on presenting need, such as parenting support for challenging behaviour, CBT for anxiety / OCD, strategies for demand avoidance and liaison with school to recommend support in that environment. ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) for older children to support positive identity and to change their relationship to unhelpful thoughts and feelings. Referral to Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy is frequently recommended to support emotional regulation, sensory, social and communication difficulties